Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Arrivals - Color Blocks, Lace & Crochet, Cut Off Shoulder, Oversized Shirt, Tail Hem

Contrasting Color Block Boyfriend Blazer ($54)

As we all know, jumpsuits are still the rage this season. We've found this medium purple jumpsuit is subtle match with bright colors that's on top of trend , and I have to say it is my favorite jumpsuit so far. With a price tag of $36.00, How could it go wrong?

Color Block Fever of 2011. My friend's respond to this trend is " Oh No, i look terrible in bright colors", i said  " that's what i thought but it's actually not true until you try it! ". When it comes to color blocking don’t be afraid to mix unconventional colors together. and you'll find how amazing the chemical reaction it brings.
Silky Orange / Blue Blouse ($ 25)

Pinkbullet Store Draped Jacket in Beige or Purple ($35)

Doesnt have to be a girly girl to own a lace dress. This Creamy Lace Crochet Maxi Dress ($25) is a great item to go with most signature trend for this season

Cape is not just for winter! In Sheer material it could also be as delightful in summer look. 
Forest green cape blouse - ($29) 

Sheer Flowing Jacket ($35)

Cut Off Shoulder Demin Shirt ($35)

Slouchy Cut Out Shouder Sweatshirt ($26)

Oversized Creamy Button Up Shirt ($24)

Tail Hem Unconventional Blouse in Orange ( $29)

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  1. stylish girls, i like in orange and in purple)