Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Friday

    it's Friday again ! and it's gonna be a loong weekend with Memorial Day. I'm dying for holidays from the past week at work!! wait... let me check... shooooot !! all my plan for this holiday is more work again : (((((
Well.. what's your plan for the weekend ? i hope you have a good one : )

Top / Dress from Pinkbullet Store 
Tights from H&M
Mixed Jewelries from F21, H&M, Vintage
Platform Heels from Korea

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm a minimalist -- the way I dress in personal time. i eat simple -- a bowl of rice or a piece of bread with tea could feed me pretty well. French movies - with a few dialog with lots of imagination. the way i Blog - as you can see there's not much of a writing. so i hope the pictures would take the rest : )

Blouse from Pinkbullet Store 
Harem Pants from Pinkbullet Store 
Jacket Rabbit Leather Clutch from Gilt
Steve Madden from DSW 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Coming to town

   It's been a busy week finally it's time to get some fun going to town. Enjoy your weekend everyone !

boyfriend blazer from Pinkbullet Store 
Lace dress from Pinkbullet Store 
Steve Madden from DSW 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Soft Blocks

Jacket & Blouse from Pinkbullet Store 
H&M Tights
F21 Rings
Target Wedges

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cape blouse

I was surprised by what i saw today when i opened the door to check on parcel, and there it was- a bloody dead bird on the carpet in the front door! the cat next door have been checking out our Kobe (grayish short hair cat) quiet a few times by now. and i guess it was a big gift for him ... the gift itself was disgusting but the intension was sweet 

Cape Blouse from Pinkbullet Store 
Korean Gray Jeans
F21 Necklace
Plaform Pumps from Michael Antonies

Monday, May 16, 2011

Be inspired from up & downs

The weather this week in Los Angeles is pretty chill. but i'm too excited to wear my summer clothes i've got from shopping at old town pasadena last week ! I'm crazy for reds since the trend is back. Lipstick shown here is a new buy from Mac, it's "Morange", it's supposed to be bright orange but it turns to red through the lens before photoshopping, dont exactly know why. All accessories i've been collecting are mostly from F21, H&M, and some vintage. they works well together and i just love them. I especially adore the Red Shorts from F21, Great fitting and comfy. I wish i could find the same style in other colors ! I would love to get them each if they offer the whole 7 rainbow colors ! 

Cotton on Old Shirt
F21 Shorts
Steve Madden Platform
Mixed Accessory from H&M, F21, AE, Vintage
Lipstick - Mac in "Marange" (Bright intense Orange)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Arrivals - Color Blocks, Lace & Crochet, Cut Off Shoulder, Oversized Shirt, Tail Hem

Contrasting Color Block Boyfriend Blazer ($54)

As we all know, jumpsuits are still the rage this season. We've found this medium purple jumpsuit is subtle match with bright colors that's on top of trend , and I have to say it is my favorite jumpsuit so far. With a price tag of $36.00, How could it go wrong?

Color Block Fever of 2011. My friend's respond to this trend is " Oh No, i look terrible in bright colors", i said  " that's what i thought but it's actually not true until you try it! ". When it comes to color blocking don’t be afraid to mix unconventional colors together. and you'll find how amazing the chemical reaction it brings.
Silky Orange / Blue Blouse ($ 25)

Pinkbullet Store Draped Jacket in Beige or Purple ($35)

Doesnt have to be a girly girl to own a lace dress. This Creamy Lace Crochet Maxi Dress ($25) is a great item to go with most signature trend for this season

Cape is not just for winter! In Sheer material it could also be as delightful in summer look. 
Forest green cape blouse - ($29) 

Sheer Flowing Jacket ($35)

Cut Off Shoulder Demin Shirt ($35)

Slouchy Cut Out Shouder Sweatshirt ($26)

Oversized Creamy Button Up Shirt ($24)

Tail Hem Unconventional Blouse in Orange ( $29)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Candy Toes - Pic taken from an iPhone 4 o.O !

                                     First pedicure for Spring. The lady who did this definitely did a gooood job, fast, gentle ( coz i had bad experience before and it could hurt real bad) so excellent. And i LOVE the Bright Pink Polish ! Ready to go with my new clothes : )
By the way, i'm amazed with this picture which is taken from an iPhone 4, i usually take my other blog pictures with a 5D and in such limited space we have on blog, i think an iPhone could actually replace a SLR for much more convenience !!    

  These are taken in the sunset in the past weekend when it was slightly chilly. We were heading to Korean Town in Downtown L.A for a friend's B-day dinner. because we had Korean BBQ that night, when we jumped into the car on the way back home, we all smelled like Kalbe ( i mean every single thing on us like hair and underwear) well, it was a delightful gathering so it's all worth it 

Leopard Norstrom Jacket
Topshop Blouse
Jack Rabbit Clutch
H&M Rings