Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mori Girl -- Girl in the Forest

Japanese have a style that i've always fond of.. they look like they just jump out from the forest, that's why they are called  "the Forest Girl (Mori Girl)", they like to draw, shop at the coffee shop, walk with their cameras, appreciates the inner mind, they make huge conflict with the nowadays material-world. From the angle of the sociality, Mori girls are pure and lovable. But how many of them can keep these characteristics when they turn 30s ? I guess the material world is too tempting that makes purity even more valuable

The 2 pictures of mine is not typical Mori girl look. See below collages for the real ones : )

Beige Blazer from Pinkbullet Store
Pants from Style Nada
Heels from Korea
Assorted Jewelrys from F21 & HM


  1. I love this look! esp the top its so beautiful and your maxi skirt is great too ^^