Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dewy . Natural . Looking Skin

Hello all ! I figure it's time for me to write some reviews on beauty products! I've been trying a LOT of foundations for dewy natural looks many years. I lot of people think that the key to great looking skin is the product itself, but to me, it's only true for the 1st step.
In the past i've spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars to try new foundations in different forms: Liquids, powders, and SA might recommends a 'base' / 'Primer' in order to make the rest of your products work at its best ! and just the primer, i think i've already throw at least 5 of those out from different brands because they just make my makeup too cakey!
I pretty much have a little bit of every skin problems: Pores & blemishes ( i'm talking about 0.5-1mm dia. huge pores!! i feel like i can almost fill some corns inside !! Pores are pretty much permanent once you have them. We can only make them 'look' smaller with Oil-control + moisturizing + makeup. Oil-control can absorb the excessive oil that caused ance to avoid pores getting even bigger. Moisturizing is ultra important because when the dead tissue is filled up with 'water', it does help to reduce the size of pores! When it comes to applying the foundation, moisturizing skin is the key to make the foundation look natural and not cakey. I know, everyone is busy nowaday, exspecially for us - girls ! Most likely we just dont have time for a pampering mask everyday(even in a paper form, but 3-4 times a week would be great)
Lucky enough i have a sister who is a makeup artist, she taught me a simple way to make skin looks moisture and natural for applying liquid foundation. What you need is a liquid foundation & an ultra light moisturizer or Toner. (the lighter weight the better) First, mixed the moisturizer/toner to your foundation. it recipe is : 1/2 toner + 1/2 foundation. Depending on the coverage, of course it's adjustable. Less foundation will do a better job on natural looking, coz dont forget we will apply powder after that. For blemishes, apply concealer with a brush for point coverage. Lastly, apple a thin layer powder on entire face, slightly thicker layer on concealer and on areas that tends to gets oily along the day.
I know there's plenty new products out there, but i still believe skill of applying those are the key to perfections. well.. maybe not perfections, but at least i get raved for my skin many times ( for those who havent seen me with no makeup ! LOL)

Here's some foundations I recommend:

What it is:
A complexion-enhancing foundation with SPF 15.

What it does:
This oil-free, fragrance-free formula with SPF 15 sunscreen is made with LancĂ´me's Aura-Inside™ technology, which recreates the true, natural light of perfect skin. Its lightweight texture enriched with soothing rose extract provides 18 hours of hydration and sheer to moderate coverage for a natural finish without a cakey effect. It creates a complexion that looks beautifully bare and lit from within.

Revlon ColorStay:
What it is:
SoftFlex provides lightweight comfort, so you feel like you're not wearing makeup. Looks fresh for up to 16 hours.

ettusais ultra light oil control gel:

What it is:
Oil-control gel that absorbs excessive oil along the day while it wont dry out the skin.

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